Argentina- The Magic of Mate

Drinks, we all have them, be it coffee or a can full of sugar and corn syrup, but in South America you can find a drink that establishes a different drinking culture, that drink is known as Mate. Now Argentina is a culture that shares the same fanatic that we have for football, but in their case, american football is distinct. Their football in known as futbol, or in american terms, soccer. Now, what do futbol and mate have to do with one another?

TheyMate y fut are both integral parts in Argentinean culture. 

Now, in the United States of America (USA) it is perceived that Beer and American Football, go together, which in most cases is true. But in Argentina, futbol and mate are the equivalent!



What is Mate?

Mate is a drink made from Yerba Mate which is usually served in a thermo bottle. Some of these are usually made from many materials,such as wood and gourd. You drink from it with a straw , the straw is usually metal and is known as the bombilla. Below you can see an example of what it looks like.


How is Mate Made?

  1. You purchase a Yerba Mate package which usually comes in many different flavors such as these, orange, grapefruit, and many other type of choices.
  2. You fill up the mate thermo about 70% with the Yerba Mate. 
  3. You shake the cup covering the top a couple of times
  4. You fill in one side with hot water, usually around 180 degrees Fahrenheit
  5. Wait a little bit
  6. You put in the straw or bombilla into the side where you poured the hot water and bam! it’s ready to drink.


This is the general way of usually making it, people may add sugar, or other type of sweeteners usually to meet their preferences.

Here’s an image of many types of yerba Mate available in supermarkets for customers to buy.

Mate is an everyday part of Argentinian culture and they usually drink it daily such as in the US, we tend to drink coffee almost everyday! Well some people do, I personally don’t drink much coffee but I think I’ll give mate a try one day!

Anyways, thanks for reading this short article about Mate! Comment about a lesson you would like to see, and thank you again. 🙂 

  • If you’re interested about buying mate, you can find it here on amazon for about $20.00 usd!

See you guys later, bye bye.



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